It all started as a hobby when many years ago a ‘forward thinking’ Surrey Comet newspaper reporter knowing my company recovered vehicles after accidents, gave me some rolls of film for free and suddenly started to get pictures from the scene of most major incidents (amazing how the Surrey Comet photographer always seem to get there so fast). This started a lifelong hobby that soon also encompassed Videography. Working most of my life in the very competitive vehicle recovery industry, I had to learn how to market the company.

To help with this I also used some of my 'free film' to take pictures of our day to day work. By the mid eighties this had turned into videoing things and you can see many of those videos (some now with a historic interest) listed on this websites using the 'videos to enjoy' (link above). When I sold my companies and took early retirement, I continued to video events, mostly at Brooklands Museum (again you can see these on that page). I also took the opportunity to start cataloguing and post all the exhibit recoveries I had done for the museum along with some of the more difficult vehicle and aircraft recoveries like the ones shown below

During those years the videos became a little more professional and I built up both knowledge and specialist equipment. I also invested in some sophisticated correction and editing software. It was not too long before people started asking me to video their Wedding / Wake, or if I would make promotional videos about their companies. So in 2014 I decided to start offering my expertise and equipment to those that want a good job at a price that won't cripple them (savings on VAT straight away). This little income helps fund the new and better equipment that keeps coming out.

Andy's video can offer you all forms of both moving and still production, including Aerial and Underwater. Subjects can be simple family events like parties, through to promoting your company's services. We work in areas as diverse as creating a model's portfolios, to the time lapse recording of changes to a building project. Post production is also very much a specialty. At my Waterlooville Studio I have full tape editing facilities along with the latest computer software, to enhance, or repair those images you want to last forever. Once fully compiled, your finished product can be integrated on to your website (yes we can even make one of those for you if you don't already have one), or just recorded to a DVD, or USB drive. I offer the skills I have acquired, to people with interesting projects, or who just need help. Here are a few suggestions where I may be able to assist you.

Have you ever wished you could present your company in a better light? Have you ever dreamed of having your own 'in house' media department? Have you ever wanted someone with the right equipment to capture a special day? Well I may be able to help with all of those dreams, by producing 'media content' with you. OK clever words, but just what do they mean? Simply this, I am happy to work with you to create both still and moving images of your Home, Work Premises, Staff, Vehicles, Equipment and any kind of Special Event. I could also make short videos showing the services you offer and then help you put them on social media or websites.

What will I charge? well that depends on how much time it takes and what the video is about. But advice is always free and if it is an interesting project, the work will probably be at cost. With truly interesting or unusual work, it could even be free like all those you see in the Videos to Enjoy Page (link above).

The 'retirement home' photo above is an excellent picture in its own right and as everyone knows a picture is worth a thousand words! However, I believe a video can be worth a thousand pictures! Now if you want to see what I mean have a look at the video the picture comes from, that he commissioned me to produce now that he has decided to sell the property. Click here to watch

Below is a slide show of just a few of the promotional campaigns I have been involved in, which may give you an idea of what I can do for you.