• Promote your Services
    If you think you are better than the rest, show
    potential customers that may visit your website.

    A web picture of a fitted mains socket is nowhere
    near as effective, as a video of your technician
    fitting it and then clearing up any mess he made.
  • Proud of your home?
    What better way to help preserve your memories
    than to have it professionally filmed?

    Once again both our 'time lapse' and 'aerial'
    facilities can be used to make that special
    video, to send to the folks back home.
  • Promote your Fleet Promote your Fleet
    We can produce a video showing a single vehicle,
    or your whole fleet in action. This can be done
    from ground level, but what about from above?

    This is a perfect use for our 'Drone' aerial
    cameras and costs less than you think.
  • Promote your Equipment
    Are you proud of your production facilities and
    want to show your customers (without having them
    wandering around your facility)?

    This is a perfect use for 'times lapse' photography
    where we set a rotary camera to pan an area for a
    pre-determined time (typically 30 mins) and then
    play it back in a minute.

About Andy's Video

It all started as a hobby!  Working most of my life in the very competitive vehicle recovery industry, I had to learn how to market myself and as I had always been keen on photography, I started to take pictures of my work. By the mid eighties this had turned into videoing things and you can see many of those videos (some now with a historic interest) listed on this websites Home Page (link above).

When I sold my companies and took early retirement, I continued to video events, mostly at Brooklands Museum (again you can see these from the Home Page). During those years the videos became a lot more professional and I built up both knowledge and specialist equipment. I also invested in some sophisticated correction and editing software.

It was not too long before people started asking me to video a Wedding, or if I would make promotional videos about their companies. So in 2014 I decided to start offering my expertise and equipment to those that want a good job at a price that won't cripple them (savings on VAT straight away).

Andy's video can offer you all forms of both moving and still production, including Aerial and Underwater. Subjects can be simple family events like parties and weddings, through to promoting your company's services. We work in areas as diverse as creating a model's portfolios, to the time lapse recording of changes to a building project.

Post production is also very much a specialty. At our Fareham Studio I have full tape editing facilities along with the latest computer software, to enhance, or repair those images you want to last forever. Once fully compiled, your finished product can be integrated on to your website (yes we can even make one of those for you if you don't already have one), or just recorded to a DVD. 



Andys Video