Here are a few of the services we offer

Video Studio Design and Construction

One of the best ways to improve the quality of your work (especially post production) is to have a work environment that is designed to do that job. Over many years we have designed and constructed some of the most productive studios in the industry.

We can design supply and build everything from a basic editing desk to a complete studio complex, including obtaining all the relevant documentation. Leaving you free to produce your master piece

Photographic and Video Hardware

We operate a large selection of digital recording equipment and work as standard at HD level. This equipment includes waterproof units, high level and dolly mounted units. Back at the studio we have editing suites for almost all formats.

Miniature cameras can be fitted to high performance vehicles to record events both inside and outside the vehicle. At the other extreme it could be fitted to a 'rolled' tanker to let the recovery operative see how it reacted when he winched it back upright.

Time lapse Photography options

Time lapse photography is a great way to really study movement and flow, but it is also effective in bringing an otherwise boring business video to life.

The equipment we use gives a choice of one photo every 0.5, 1.0, 2. and every 5 seconds.

We can mount the camera on a rotating and panning motor settable at various time intervals and lastly we can mount the whole thing on a tripod at up to 8 metres of height.

Web Videos to prompt your business

There is no better or more cost-effective place than your website, to introduce strangers (and reintroduce existing customers) to your organisation. 24 hours a day it is there offering information to those who are in the mood to seek it.

Tell people about what you do by showing them a short video(s). The cost will normally be a couple of hundred quid and that is a one-off expense, unlike yellow pages etc. Talk to us about what makes you special and let's pass it on.

Aerial Photography

It is clear to see that aerial photography and aerial video, while expensive, can be used to great effect.

The introduction of remote controlled 'Drones' in some cases can reduce cost considerably, but because of safety (and privacy) issues, there are many things to consider first. If you contemplating this sort of production. Talk to us about what can and cannot be done, to get what you want.

Please read here for more background.

Personal Photography

That Special eventglamGlamour Photography has been an interested of mine since I was old enough to appreciate the art form and I seem to have the knack of making almost any women look good.

Being married to a one time Internet Glamour model I have produced Glamour photographs for lingerie catalogs, Popular Glamour Calenders as well as on line lingerie adverts

Tell us what you want and if we cannot help,we will almost definitely know someone who can.

Special Events

That Special DayThat Special eventOf course Andy's Video do not just make videos showing your company's services, premises, staff and vehicles We can also help you plan media and execute any other form of event, both for companies and individuals.

We have had experience ranging from setting up trade stands with Video Projection and playback, through photography or video presentations.

Whatever the event we feel sure we can make it better and give you a lasting record.

Post Production

Post production is often more important that the initial filming. With video it is largely picking up colour, or light, and stabilising the image

With photography it can be making a plain lady pretty or a chunky guy slim. It is also useful for corrections - if something does not look right it usually isn't.

With the 21st party the first photo is good, but does not convey the event in the way I want it to. Fortunately I had also photographed the venue's entrance hall and I combined them.