• Promote your Fleet Promote your Fleet
    We can produce a video showing a single vehicle,
    or your whole fleet in action. This can be done
    from ground level, but what about from above?

    This is a perfect use for our 'Drone' aerial
    cameras and costs less than you think.
  • Promote your Equipment
    Are you proud of your production facilities and
    want to show your customers (without having them
    wandering around your facility)?

    This is a perfect use for 'times lapse' photography
    where we set a rotary camera to pan an area for a
    pre-determined time (typically 30 mins) and then
    play it back in a minute.
  • Promote your Services
    If you think you are better than the rest, show
    potential customers that may visit your website.

    A web picture of a fitted mains socket is nowhere
    near as effective, as a video of your technician
    fitting it and then clearing up any mess he made.
  • Proud of your home?
    What better way to help preserve your memories
    than to have it professionally filmed?

    Once again both our 'time lapse' and 'aerial'
    facilities can be used to make that special
    video, to send to the folks back home.

Welcome To Andy's Video Website

The site is divided into sections the first is a list of all the Videos I have posted on You Tube, these are largely to do with Brooklands and Vehicle / Aircraft Recovery and can be seen on the Home Page above. The rest of the website is to tell you about the services I can offer these range from Filming, through Photography, to Post Production Editing. 

Background: I have spent most of my life in the Vehicle Recovery Industry; Many years ago a ‘forward thinking’ Surrey Comet newspaper reporter gave me a some rolls of film for free and suddenly started to get pictures from the scene of most major incidents (amazing how the Surrey Comet photographer always seem to get there so fast). This started a lifelong hobby that soon also encompassed Videography. Having now semi-retired I offer the skills I have acquired, to people with interesting projects, or who just need help. Here are a few suggestions where I may be able to help.

Have you ever wished you could present your company in a better light? Have you ever dreamed of having your own 'in house' media department? Have you ever wanted someone with the right equipment to capture a special day? Well I may be able to help with all of those dreams, by producing 'media content' with you.

OK clever words, but just what do they mean?  Simply this, I am happy to work with you to create both still and moving images of your Home, Work  Premises, Staff, Vehicles, Equipment and any kind of Special Event. I could also make short videos showing the services you offer and then help you put them on your website.

Michael Schumacher and Felipe Massa USA GP What will I charge? well that depends on how much time it takes and what the video is about. But advice is always free and if it is an interesting project, the work will probably be a little above 'cost'. With truly interesting or unusual work, it could even be free (like all those you see in the Home Page (link above or below).

Two example pictures to the right, the first one shows  Michael Schumacher giving Felipe Massa a lift in his scooter, while  trying to outrun the perusing press at the 2006 USA Grand Prix. My image of that incident has been seen all over the world and is a great example of waiting patiently in the right spot..

New Zealand HomeThe second  image shows the retirement home built  by a once famous former MD of a British Car Manufacturer, down in New Zealand

It is an excellent picture in its own right and as everyone knows a picture is worth a thousand words! However I believe a video can be worth a thousand pictures! Now if you want to see what I mean have a look at the video the picture comes from that he commissioned me to produce and see it as a thousand pictures You will find it on my You tube page (Home above in the Aerial section as the Ngunguru Peninsular on you Tube.

Lets face it. in today’s competitive business world, you need every edge you can get. Click on one of the links below or at the top of the page to find out more about the things we can do for you.

Recent Major Projects

All of the projects are available on our You Tube Channel (link on the home page)

24th May 2017

Brooklands from the air

A high level look at the work being carried out at Brooklands to relocate the Wellington Hangar and the repair to the Finishing Straight, This is the latest in a series of Videos covering the project.

18th March 2017

Vickers Dispersal Site

The Secret Vickers Dispersal Site called Riseholme located off the Seven Hills Road Weybridge filmed before redevelopment.

6th Jan 2017

Spaniard Inn ruins 

A look around the ruins of the Spaniard Inn beside the A3 near Hindhead, ahead of its destruction.

18th July 2016

Ark Academy Putney 

The Grand opening by the Minister for education of the refurbished school Including a detail video record of this multi-million pound project, included drone flights over the work area

5th April 2016

St Mary's Church, Byfleet

A complete aerial video survey of the Grade I Listed building St Mary's Church, Byfleet, Surrey in 4K (UHD)

2nd September 2015

4D Theatre opened

TV Personality Tiff Nedell opened the new Brooklands 4D cinema and we were there to capture the event.