Here you will find a collection of 360 Degree Images many showing locations most people do not get to see like inside the Brooklands Wellington and Valiant V Bomber, or inside Barnes Wallis’ Office. They are devided into three Groups 1. 360's at Brooklands Museum 2. 360's at Amberley Museum and lastly some odd 360 videos

Warning as 360 viewers are a bit different you really should read and understand the instructions below to get the best results and see more!

AndysVideo using the 360 Image Viewer

INSTRUCTIONS The image above is what you will first see when start looking at the 360 images. When you open the collection, it displays the first image. You can then with your mouse drag the image in all directions. Looking at the example screen above, clicking the Icon marked with a RED A will take you to full screen (recommended) to allow you to see things better. All of the smaller images inside the box marked in BLUE with the letter B are other 360 images in the collection. Clicking on the circled arrows or the slider bars. will allow you to move about the Collection by You can also click on the smaller faint image, but note they only show a few of the images in the collection a better way to is to use the arrows marked in BLUE with the letter B.

Lastly selecting the Info icon marked with a YELLOW C is strongly recommended as it will tell you a little about what you are looking at. Like all 360 viewers you can drag the image 'left and right' and 'up and down' to look around the scene. TIP: If the screen goes blank or black after a long pause between views, refresh the screen (usually F5 on most computers).

Below are image links to galleries containing collections of my more interesting 360° photographic work. There is a lot of them so you will need some time, to see them all. To go to a relevant collection click on one of the image below. Also if you use your mouse wheel to scroll down the page move the pointer away from the image first!

360 Image Collections

This is a collection of images showing the Brooklands Museum site, it includes inside and the outside of many of the buildings. It also shows you the inside of many of the aircraft including some like the Vickers Wellington, the public are not always allowed inside.

This is a collection of images taken around Amberley Museum, it includes inside and the outside of many of the buildings and shows many of the wide ranging exhibits.

360 Degree Video Work

Not only can we photograph in 360 but we can also film, as the two short clip below made a few years ago shows. In the first notice how you can ‘pan’ around as the police car passes and follow its trajectory. The same is true of the fighter and later the helicopter flying over the ferry. In the sequence at the lifting bridge you can see how speeding up the sequence can give different emphasis and adds grace. That video ends with a Filipino Elvis Presley in La Manga, entertaining his customers. The second video was a promotional one for the Car Ride Team (all volunteers) at Brooklands

A look around La Manga Spain

A ride in a car around parts of Brooklands