Mayday (Emergence Service Vehicles Day) Events at Brooklands

Brooklands Museum Emergency Services Mayday events, are held each year on the May Day Monday and attracts Emergency Vehicles from all sectors and services, including Fire Brigades, Police Forces, Ambulance Services, Recovery Services and The Military. This event continues to grow year on year in popularity and presents an exciting but safe environment for you to witness the serious nature of what men and women do all over the country every day to make our world safe and save lives and of course meet Fireman Sam

Re-Engineering Brooklands and the track playlist

This Playlist is largely about the Re-Engineering of the Brooklands site in Weybridge and Byfleet. No longer a 'Race Track' it is home to many business and the Brooklands Museum. The museum part of the estate is undergoing an extensive development including a new flight shed and the relocation of the Brooklands Bellman Hangar. It also covers the relocation of the Brooklands Concorde, Vimy and Wellington Aircraft. It remembers some of the buildings demolished to make way for the new and perhaps most significantly an ongoing aerial record of the historic Brooklands Banked Race Track.

All my Aviation or Aviation related Videos in one playlist

As  most visitors to my 'Free Stuff' are aviation enthusiasts, I have gathered all my aviation related videos from 1983 to present into one long Playlist, (they are also in their relevant playlists as well). It include some rare footage of some very interesting retired aircraft, both on the ground and in the air. It also shows a few of the many recoveries myself and other members of BREAST (Brooklands Recovery Engineering And Salvage Team)  have carried out over the last 30 plus years See

Items about the Elliott School at Putney playlist

I was lucky enough to go to school in 1958, to the brand new Elliott Comprehensive school at Putney Heath. There were some 2500 of us there, but incredibly a lot of us have kept in touch and there is a website (I maintain) an E-Group and a Face-book page. Fifty odd years after I left the school we had a reunion there and I was very sad to see how this wonderful building had deteriorated. However, like all good stories it has a happy ending, in that recently the School has been refurbished. This was not without controversy as part of the school grounds were sold off, to pay for the work and the Elliott name was lost when it became the ARK Putney academy.

Personal Videos mainly for friends, family and those that like to Travel

These are what you may call my Home and Family videos and if you know some of the family and any of my crazy friends, they may amuse you and explain why I am like I am. There is also a lot about the traveling we have done ranging from the crazy 10-4 event in LA we were guests at, to exploring the world down under. Many people will recall the MASH 4077 Camp, in this section we show you how to get to what remains of the film set. You can also Canoe the Historic River Wey beneath the old Brooklands Circuit and get a surprise!

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