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New here? - Some background

Hello, my name is Andy Lambert. I spent forty years of my life in the recovery Industry, first with road vehicles then aircraft. Before I went into Management, the first twenty years were spent at the 'sharp end'. I did occasionally have a moment to grab the video camera and film some of the jobs. Now in retirement, I am posting some of the better bits on You Tube. Videoing has remand a hobby and so I am also posting some of my modern work, mostly as a volunteer at Brooklands Museum.

A lot of items, have some historical interest and most are very unique. A few modern recovery operators may look at the way we did things 'back then' and think "what about health and safety?" the answer is simple, there was none and it looks a little scary now! The subjects range from Aircraft Recovery through to world wide Travel. Locations range from Australia to Utah and race tracks like Brooklands, to Indianapolis. There is some humour, like the video we did for Julian Temple's wedding and some great sadness for good friends, now lost.

There is also a growing list of HD Video, including flying in aircraft like the Brooklands' Vimy and chasing the Napier Railton around Goodwood. The Brooklands Mayday Events are well covered with Fire Engines, Ambulances, Police cars and Emergency Vehicles of all ages represented. 

About Me:- I am in my late sixties and now virtually retired, apart from working for RISC UK and The Brooklands Museum Charities. Having worked most of my life in and around vehicle recovery. First as founder and Managing Director of the National Rescue Group and then the MTS Group.  I am largely respected by my peers in the industry and I am without doubt the only one of them, to have recovered a Concorde (not to mention a Vimy) along with most of the Aircraft at Brooklands.

I have been playing with video (only ever as an amateur) since the days of Sony 8, through VHS, then SVHS and now digital HD. Clearly I enjoy Videoing (but I am not especially good at it). I am however, a fairly good photographer (Glamour and Landscape a speciality), so maybe I will get better with video now I have the time.

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Modern Brooklands Videos (i.e. after 2000)

Recent videos I have made that are associated with Brooklands. These include some Aircraft Recoveries, like the transportation of the Brooklands Vimy after it landed at Brooklands. Behind the scenes at some of the Dunsfold Wings and Wheels events (including the first one). Vintage Sports Car Club and Brooklands Museum Double Twelve events, moving the Brooklands Concorde and Concorde Model. Aviation fly-ins and much more, most of which is super HD quality.

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Older Brooklands Videos
(i.e. Before 2000)

Miscellanies videos I have made when I was MD of National Rescue that are associated with Brooklands from around 1983 up to 1999. These includes the Recovery of many of the Museum's current Aircraft, plus some that have now gone to other locations. Early site clearance and and rare footage of those early fly-ins. It also includes the fund raising trips we took in Vickers Viscounts, with some live Viscount Cockpit footage.  

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Vehicle Recover Old
(Pre 2000)

These videos range from 1979 to 2000 and deal mostly with my years as MD of National Rescue. Please be warned this is not quality videoing, more often than not I was working under pressure to get the job done and so videoing became secondary to the task in hand. It shows accidents on (or off) the A3, M3 and M25 and how we dealt with them. Anyone in recovery today, may wonder how we lived through it, without the help of H&S!

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Vehicle Recovery
 (After 2000)

This smaller Play-List contains some modern videos and are again largely about Vehicle Recovery, but from after 2000. It includes a look around REME at Bordon,a little education about RISC and a close up of Miss Milly Tant

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Dunsfold Wings & Wheels
2005 onwards

For the very first two Wings and Wheels Cdr. Crutch and myself operated the Tower. As the event grew professional event organisers were brought in and I looked after recovery the display vehicles. When I could I recorded some items from the 'Behind the scenes' as it were.

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Mayday Events at Brooklands 

A collection of Videos from some of the many Mayday Emergence Vehicle 'Open Days' at Brooklands Museum. They are in year order, and are fun to watch, especially if you like 'Blues and Twos'

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All my Aviation Videos
(in one list)

As  most visitors to this site are aviation enthusiasts I have gathered all my aviation related videos from 1983 to present into one Playlist, (rather than spread around the site) it include some rare footage of some very interesting retired aircraft.

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My Family, Travel and
Personal Videos 

These are my Home and Family videos and if you know some of the family and any of my crazy friends, they may amuse you and explain why I am like I am. There is also a little of my Glamour Work, a little bit for Cat fans and about Elliott School Putney.

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